Hello Everyone!

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for seeing my page. Allow me to first introduce myself and my motive behind GlobalHeroz.

My name is Himanshu Rajput, born in Delhi and residing in Nagpur, Maharashtra. I am a Marketing Post Graduate from Middlesex University, London, United Kingdom and want to do something different through which I can help the world. My motive behind GlobalHeroz is to do social welfare and protect our planet as a sole proprietor.


GlobalHeroz: We Do Care

GlobalHeroz is a team of people working together to protect the world and support others. Every person can be a part of the team by purchasing a GlobalHeroz T-shirt.

We Do Care: “Tagline of GlobalHeroz”, tell the world that we do care about others.

Vision: To inspire others in making the world a better place to live by protecting people, animals and natural resources.

Campaign: GlobalHeroz will be running a lifetime ‘RESPECT‘ campaign, in which 1/3rd of profit will be donated to NGOs and social welfare projects related to environment, people welfare and animal protection. The most important part of this campaign is ‘RESPECT WOMEN‘ in which 50% of profit will be donated to women specific NGOs and social projects.

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Himanshu Rajput (GlobalHeroz)




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